We're going to Germany!

We are super excited to announce that we won the South African Wacken Metal battle final and will be going to Germany in August! This is beyond our wildest dreams and we are super proud to be flying the SA flag at Wacken Open Air 2019. 

A massive thank you to everyone that has made the entire event possible! Firstly to Wacken Open Air for hosting such an incredible world wide event, it is truely amazing to see bands from all across our globe come together and share what we all truely love. Thank you to the SA team of organisers and judges for all of their hard work, these guys do far more than any of us really know. Thank you to Plug Music Agency for your dedication, all of the other bands that entered and put countless amounts of effort in their craft and delivered some awesome music! We should be insanely proud of our local talent for their love and commitment, and level of quality music being produced. And of course, lastly to everyone that supported a show, bought a piece of merch, gave us a compliment... thank you for making this possible!

Stay tuned as we will be documenting our trip and posting some videos along the way!

Thank you to Keets Productions for the image.


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