Wacken 2019

April of 2019 saw FTG play the final leg of the Wacken Metal Battl

e: South Africa, and we were lucky enough to be chosen to represent SA at the global battle final in Germany.

In August we jumped on a plane and headed to Hamburg for Wacken Open Air festival. We had a day or two before the festival to really get to see and experience the city of Hamburg.

Hamburg is an amazing city with an amazing vibe. We got a couple of beers for our walks and enjoyed the culture.

We then jumped in a bus, and headed for the small town of Wacken, about 90 mins north of Hamburg.

James made a friend in Hamburg at our hotel named Smauri, who was a crazy 50+ Icelandic guy that ended up in Germany for a little while. The morning we were waiting for our shuttle to catch a ride to Wacken, we found Smauri only to be told all of his belongings had been stolen from his room, so James somehow convinced him to jump in the bus and join us for a metal festival! His first one ever.

The day we arrived at Wacken... set up camp, start flyering and making friends.

Main stages before they opened. Insanely big.

Hanging back stage in the artist area, we met tons of good people here. It was also awesome to actually have a proper relaxation area at a festival.

Uncle D and Bryan (ex-FTG-vocalist) got their tickets to Wacken way before us making it through the final local rounds, so to have them there with us made the experience that much cooler!

Kinder Bueno's OMG.

Whats up! Grave!

Thank you to this main guy, Felix, from Out of Line music!

Meshuggah are something to behold live!

Vulvodynia support!

Reegan taking in the view in Jena.

Patiently waiting outside the Musiek Bunker in Aachen, which used to be a World War II bunker.

Shout out to Sergey, he was the merch guy for Jinjer, and one of the dopest guys we have ever met! Massive thank you to Jinjer and Alan for having us for two shows. Thank you to Duncan Bell from Turning Tricks Entertainment.

Thank you to South African Metal Battle team for making this all possible: Sash Northey, Franki Jean, Patrick Davidson, Carlos Sanches and the rest of the team.

Thank you to Plug Music Agency for the amazing help along the way.

And of course Out of Line Music!

Stay tuned we will be posting a tour documentary soon on our YouTube channel.


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