Documentary: A Journey to Wacken Open Air 2019

After winning the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa, we embarked on a life changing trip to represent our country at the mecca of the metal world, Wacken Open Air festival. We are beyond grateful to everyone that had a hand in helping us along the way, everyone we met, and everyone that embraced our music. Thank you.

Massive thank you to the following:

The South African Metal Battle Team

Sash Northey, Franki Jean, Patrick Davidson, Carlos Sanches, all of the judges involved, and of course everyone that attended the shows!

Jinjer, Alan, Sergey, Duncan Bell and Turning Tricks Entertainment

Warren & Dave from Plug Music Agency

Andre & Felix from Out of Line Music

Bryan & Deon Binneman, Nem Stabic, Ricki Alleman, & the Legend that is Smauri

Consisting of Reegan Du Buisson on vocals, Chase Beynon and James Irving on Guitars, Ray Abraham on Bass and Victor Monginho on Drums. Currently in their 13th year, Facing the Gallows have earned the mantle as one of South Africas hardest working and best live acts. They've consistently pushed the boundaries of local music and have opened many doors for a heavy scene that's making it's ever growing footprint in SA music. Their shows have become notorious within the community for it's high energy, intensity and impact, becoming a bench mark within the country.


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