Recent Times

Life hasn't been the same for the past 2 years, we are missing shows heavily, and having to deal with shit outside of the band, things have been tough. But we realised something, we keep coming back to writing and playing music. Keep those heads up and those moods chilled, it is exactly why we have music, to keep us sane on the days we don't feel sane at all. Doesnt matter if its some downbeat face peeler or even a little bit of that DnB to keep the pace up because the day is eating your soul just pick it up.

On the topic, your boys have been busy writing up a new album. Without giving away too much about it all let's just say...we are busy... But all jokes aside, it's been a ton of fun getting creative on this new sound. We are definitely pushing ourselves which is great because we want you all to experience this vision we have and slowly but surely we are bringing that to life. 

Keeping the skeleton of this beast and giving it some new guts, bolts and screws! Stick to following the blog and we will give you the inside scoops.
Wear a helmet when diving