New FTG Store!

Its here, finally, it has taken way too long, the brand new Facing the Gallows online merch store!

We have linked up with our favorite suppliers of fine garments, Pins & Knuckles Apparel to get you into the greatest quality you can get your hands on. P&K have always been a great collaborative partner for us and many of the bands we have befriended from across the globe. Sick garments and supplied by super sick dudes!

We have also been working on ideas to continue bringing limited edition merch runs, as we have at live shows for over ten years. Gallows LTD, yeah you read that right, will be coming soon! It has been something we are very passionate about and something we have wanted to share for a long time with the world. Limited edition prints, completely designed/customized by us. We have ideas that we know you will love and what better way to go about that than taking an extra special "hands on" approach. We are also super excited to be supporting local manufacturers and printers here in SA for all of our custom merch drops.

Subscribe for info on new drops and keep popping in to visit us here...we got surprises coming!

High Fives & Stage Dives safely out there!