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Since early 2007 FTG have found much delight in locking themselves in a sound proof room and writing music to share with people all over South Africa and the World. The band formed when 5 friends realised they played the right instruments to create a band. And what was meant to be a few jams turned into what is now known as Facing the Gallows. Since then the band has traveled far and wide playing for people at almost all major South African music festivals, big cities, small towns and townships. Their love of music and people have driven Facing the Gallows to write heavy, aggressive, hard-hitting songs that will get you dancing. The release of earlier demos and a split EP with The Dead Will Tell titled “This Is Hate City” in 2012, placed FTG on the map. Shortly after, the band released their full length album “Chapters” in 2013, after a successful Indiegogo campaign. The release of their debut album was met with exciting positive reviews. This opened them up to bigger opportunities to spread their sound across the country and the world. FTG is working hard to get where they want to be and share their music and energy with as many people across the world as possible.

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GENERAL:  | +27 79 494 9627 / +27 84 659 4312
BOOKINGS & PR: | +27 83 548 0946